How To Make A Biser Deal

Beager figs: master-class

фиалка из бисераAs they say, beauty will not ruin anything, but especially when that beauty you can do with your hands. We'd like to draw your attention to today's marshmallow technician. Below, we're going to try to figure out how to make a falcon out of a biser, which will help you create this job. This combination can be a good gift for your friends or something to steal your house.

So, how do you make a biser chip? We're gonna need the following materials to fly the bacer.

1. We'll take a few shades of purple to the flower. And one yellow biser.

фиалка из бисера2. A few green-two-three (50g) shades will also be required for the falcon leaves.

As a box for the biser, use any receptacles you like.

3. Don't go without flat lips, slices, office knife and wooden board to remove the wires.

4. Med wire thickness 0, 2mm for flower and leaves, copper wire with a thickness of 0, 4mm or nickel chrom 0, 2mm for the sheet carcasus.

Manufacture of fialca flower from biser

1. We're gonna need a wire of 0, 2 mm long, 50sm in the middle of which we're going to name 14 transparent black-fiole bisserieties.

фиалка из бисера

2. One end of the wire goes through the first basserina, so it's a noose.

3. There's seven purple mats here, and we're putting an end to the wire through the top of the loop.

4. Now we need to lower eight more purple mats and double the ends of the wire. One lepist is ready.

5. Let's try to make a second leper. For the long end of the wire, we call 14 biceries of dark-fiole colour and we carry out the above-mentioned operation. We need to make five of them.

фиалка из бисера

Fistula leaves of biser

1. We'll make the figs out of the biser. To this end, we take a copper wire with a thickness of 0, 4mm or nickel chrom 20 cm long and do it at the end of the hinge. At the other end of the wire, we'll call seven green basserinas, which will shape our central row. At a distance of about 15 cm from the hinge, we attach a thin wire 0, 2 mm long, to which 70cm of a green biser is put. At the end, we'll form a wheat.

2. The 70sm nanise bissed is located along the central wire and re-circulated over seven biserines, creating a second row.

3. Next, this low with the basser is also attached to the central wire, and in the same way, it's up to seven biserines. So we have three rows.

фиалка из бисера фиалка из бисера фиалка из бисера фиалка из бисера

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