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Плетение бисером иконыFrom glass or metal, the color of rainbows, the matt or perlamutum, cylindrical shape or the granular, whichever is the basser! It's no wonder how beautiful things look at different deals based on a bissed basser. The icons in this row are special, the other is higher. Everything else in technology remains traditional.

You can make a beaver of amazing beauty. Some craftsmen prefer the biser ethnic ring to symbolize traditional national colours and traditions.

Плетение этнического колье бисеромThe original bulb is usually composed of several parts. It contains elements in the form of a grid, suspensions, and even parts wrapped with cosics.

A few decades ago, the bisera bracelets were painted in the hands of the hippie subculture. Today is the decoration of any fashion tiger, beautiful girl and even a solid lady. It depends on what's out of glass bush. After watching this video, a Turkish beaver jet will be a favourite for many girls. It's impossible to keep you from wanting to make such beauty with your own hands.Плетение турецкого жгута из бисера Especially since there's nothing complicated about this process.

Biserpentism is not only an adorable hobby among young girls, but for many males, this type of art is a good way to earn it. I mean, the hend-meade jewelry has always been very high, and the fashions are willing to pay a lot of money for the copyright jewelry. It's a video for newcomers. The handwriter will tell and illustrate how the whole bracelet from the biser is shaking.

On the eve of the Valentine's Day of Love, you can create an original article from the biser, a bell on a wire. You can just make a shiny buffet of a biser.

If you like that idea, you'll need some details. At the end of the job, you'll have to put on each other. In the earrings, you can add bouises so it won't be empty and shined from the inside by an excellent moonlight.

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