Coke Pattern

The diagram, the novices' lessons, the collier has

For the first stage, we take a thread of 2 meters and we place a bicellar at a distance of 75 cm so that the biserines don't fall off the thread, lock the first bicellen on the thread, walk twice through it.
Phase 2 - we're doing a second row, and we're recruiting three more bicers, missing two biserinas of the base obtained after step 1, going through the 3rd bicereen. Once again, we hire an additional 3 basserinas, we pass 2 biserinas of thread (this 4 and 5 biserinas, counting from the end of the thread obtained after stage 1), we go through the 3rd bicereen (this is the 6th Biserina, assuming the end of the filament of the base obtained after phase 1). We continue until the end of the thread. If, for the end of the second phase, there is insufficient biserine at the end of the filament, add the required number (1 or 2).
Phase 3 - Do the 3rd row. To this end, we'll hire three extra bicers and we'll go through the middle bicellar of the last row. We'll then hire an additional 5 biserine (two blue, two blue) and we'll go through the middle bicellen of the second row, and we'll continue.
Phase 4 is the fourth row. The principle of flight as phase 3, but we're also recruiting five biserines.
Then in phase 4, the bottom diagram is making an outlet. We're out of the 1st basserina of the 7th Biserin, picking three new bicers, skipping one, picking three, going five, picking three, skipping one, walking 7th, then going through the 3rd row middle biserina, through the 1st Biserina of the 2nd Petley. We repeat again, as stated above. So, in every loop of 7 biserines in phase 4, figure 2, we'll get 3 bicers each.
Stage 5 - Put the "circuit" on the sinusoid and connect the sinusoids. To this end, we'll record one part of the woodwork, we'll go through the final biserina of the last sinus of the circumference, we'll hire two biserines, we'll go through the biserina, after five rings of the second row (which is missing one, two, three, four, five rings of the second row, and we're going to the second rounds of six). We go backwards (in the direction of the 4th ring) 4 biserinas recruit 2 biserinas, 4mm beads, 2 biserinas, walk through the bicelline, after 10 rings of the 2nd Circle, counting from the start of the circumference. Complete phase 5 of the second part of the line.

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