Maumag - feather earrings, ethnic clothes, hendmeid

Dear friends, our subscribers! I, Elena, invite you to my NM page. My paintings are here. I prefer thinking and fantasy. If you're close to the subject of my paintings, or you're gonna like my amazing things, you're gonna have to come up with your suggestions and ideas. I'm ready to translate them into reality. Add to my store, and you'll always be able to first learn about new jobs!

The new skirt of "The Driving Worlds" from the brown velvet.

Fire skirt for a miniature girl.

Spring-year-old skirt from the cotton jeans with a signature on it.

A 10 per cent terrorist kit and a free cross.

Sergi, stainless steel.
Diameter of Mandals, 5 cm. If available, 500 roubles.

It's summer to get... A little boy and Afghan from the hat of a new color.

Small earrings from the shiny fairy tale.
If available, 550 roubles.

A little girl from the Friends of the Worlds.

The group's wall is empty.

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