How To Make Biser Flowers

Biser tracker


Biser essay is an art! There's no need for special talent for this craft: the basser, the forest, the scheme, and your fantasy... everything you need!

Today, I will teach you a simple bracelet from a biser that will be a great summer decoration, and most importantly original, because you will make it. with your hands.!

Brasletic derivative branch.

(1) Let's start a branch whipping: put on the forest seven basserinas of one colour (e.g. yellow).

(2) Then hire four different basserinas (who you want to have flowers like red). The fifth biserin grad is the middle of your flower.

(3) Now connect the 5th yellow bisserie with the 2nd red and extend the forest through 3 and 4 red biceries.

(4) After you've reached the forest, you've got three red basserinas on it.

(6) Then pull the forest through the first red, then through the 5th yellow, and then through the 4th red basserina, you'll make a flower!

(7) Then retrieve the yellow basserines to continue the branch and then make another flower.

8) Fly a branch with flowers until it fits your size pen. Tie the ends of the forest, the ends through the nearest bicers, and then cut.

The little fairy says: 1. So you can wear a tar bracelet and buy a bracelet with a plug. 2. You can make flowers from a colorful biser. Or make a few different bracelets and wear them all! 3. And if you do that bracelet in your girlfriend's gift, then your gift will be the most amazing!

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