Ambient Flowers

Flowers - a very beautiful decoration of the interior, they'll help create an inexorable design. These flowers will never be intact and will be very happy to see their beauty and freshness. Besides, they need minimum care, they need to be cleaned up sometimes.

I used to be very sceptical about artificial colors, buying unlived flowers and putting a bad tone in the house. But everything changed when I met the art of biserpension and saw the beauty that could be created from the biser.

The flowers from the bisera will help to steal not only your apartment, but also your friends and your family, because there's nothing better than giving a wonderful, beautiful, bright gift made by your hands. There are so many options for such a gift that you can never repeat, even if you have a million friends and relatives. You can make a great bouquet of algae roses from the bisera, and you can collect a nice and soft bouquet from field flowers. A gift can be a room flower in a pot like a puancetium or a fist, and maybe it's a whole combination of orchids, lilies or eustoms, of colors in the nature of a million. Even a simple bouquet of syrenia, standing in a vase, would be happy for the hosts for a year.

And what's most pleasant for the masters, the flowers from the biser are very easy to clean the dust. We just need to put a bouquet or a joint under a tightly chilled water and wash it right with a vase or a pot. If the compound is painted with artificial fur, it needs to be cleaned carefully so it doesn't spoil.

Create flowers By its own hands It's quite easy, because it's usually a piece of paper that runs parallel or French (round) skies. Much less singing or dyke. And a brick or mosaic tribe is just a schick and a very hard work, so few of them make bouquets, more often to steal from a biser.

So, in this section, I will lay out master classes and plumbing schemes, mainly round and parallel, for the creation of interior decorations (booths, room flowers, composers), mine and found on the Internet, some of the improved for skimming.

The crafts and diagrams presented here will be updated.

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