Bisser Flyers

Biserpent Technicians

1For French biser's technician, it starts on the axis and then on the other end of the wire that flies. The axle is allowed to use the strongest wire if it is not available ... Read it further

The plumbing technique is very simple. Usually, this technique is used to fly leaflets, pumpkins and petals. He's on a schedule. Let's take a piece of wire, put a basser on it, then form a hinge and cuff... Read it further

1skhIgulent tech is more commonly used to fly tiles, branches. To learn that technique. We need to get a little wire cut, put six biserines on the wire. Hand to hold one biserina, and end of the wire... Read it further

Biseric technique for capturing oaks is very simple. We're taking a basser and a wire for her development. Let's make the first oak: We'll put a basser on the wire and move it to the middle of the wire. Then we Read it further

The parallel skimming machine is the most popular in the performance of the brush. We'll take a wire, we'll hire the 1st and 2nd row bisserieties on it, in a 3-bice. Then, as the basserines will be nanianas on... Read it further

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