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I want to show you how you can make a fancy summer in blue tones on the marine theme. Despite the fact that such a decoration requires a certain degree of absorption, it will not be a very special job, and the materials can be chosen according to your taste, and they can be stowed as to your mood.

This method of biserplying has been found in the African tribe over 200 years ago. Women in these tribes wear latuni and bisera jewels up to 25 kg. The woman with the longest neck was considered The most beautiful Am-Nebele. The biserpentine technology that the women of this tribe call it technician.

Kyrpical lashes are one of their ancient species of lashes and are distributed throughout the world. Previously, this technician was called the Comanche Fly, the most common use now is "kirpical lashes" or "cirpic stitches." The name speaks for itself, in a half-sized basserina, it's like a brick.

Mosaic Flying (Peyote) is one of the heavy skies. The original equipment belonged to American Indians, from here to the second name, Peyote. Cactus Peyot Indians have always considered a sacred plant that has a very powerful human health effect. He was worshipped, organized different rites. Clouds used in the ritual were decorated by the basser stitch.

The monastery flight is known for a long time. In the old age, Icon salaries, cereal clouds, various cereal objects, patrons and many other things. Monastery skies are now used to create bracelets, chains, phenecs.

In this classroom, we'll be able to meet the convenient version of the biser bar with the possibility of adjusting the length of the plug. This possibility is sometimes necessary when the suspension or the bell approachs with different decorations.

I want to share secrets in this craftsmanship as a collar cap. Our goal is to get a live feather.

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