Site Hend Meade

How do you make a game on the Internet?

Как заработать на хенд мейд в Интернете?At times, I have written questions about whether a person who is not familiar with programming, journalism, design, advertising can earn money on the Internet in areas that are traditionally most demanded in homework?

The issue was difficult and references were made only to a long-term project recruiting the authors of the distance courses. But it was thought that the potential for homework and Internet earnings was not limited to teaching and counselling.

Hendmeid as Internet business

The thoughts came out after a meeting with the project, a site where people can sell things they've done with their hands, the so-called Hend Meade (English hand made by hands). Among the things on the website... Hend the hands of gifts, toys, interior objects (e.g. mirrors), all possible decorations, pannos and paintings, and even computer flares built into a wooden hull!

Starting such a business can be relatively simple. Once the site has been registered, information on itself and photographs of the price work should be added. Visitors of the site interested in manual work are sending a request to the masters through the form. After that, the buyer and the seller remain to agree on the price, the timing of the manufacture of the goods, the means of payment and delivery. Many craftsmen work in Moscow and St. Petersburg. It's a little easier for them, because clients are mostly from the capital cities. In this case, you can meet in person for money. There are no restrictions on geography, however, if the thing is done with hands beautifully and originally, the buyer is willing to accept mail and delivery by the courier services. It's all about hand and soul!

You may also represent the interests of the masters on the website - in principle the rules do not prohibit it. If your relatives, friends, grandparents do manual work, You can also put them on the website, of course, with the permission of the master and under his name. And get a percentage of orders, because many people of age do not know the Internet well, but they can do unique manual work. And the extra money that can be earned by suggesting a hend meade through the Internet is not gonna happen to anyone.

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