Hend Maid

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This name is known to all fans without exception. The Akihabara area has books, animos serials, films and legends. It's a corner of Tokyo with the highest concentration of technology stores and animals. And if it's quite simple with the tech, it's still important to deal with animals.
Navigation is one of the major problems faced by foreigners who have entered Japan. Both the Tokyo Metropolitan and the Japanese Railway (JR) trains are stopped at the Akihabara station. The station is big, has a lot of exits, and it's hard to guide where to go. The main guidance is the indicators for the " Electric City Akihabara " (Electric City Akihabara). If you follow these signs, you'll be able to go to the stores with animals.

The main points on Akihabara, which cannot be missed at all, are the Mayd Café, the Gaym Centres, the Animate (7 floors of animos-ferrorist) and the largest second-end in the capital.Hends Book-OFF. In the Maid Café, the dispersed maids will offer you something to eat and drink. If you put your animals on the table, cards, badges or something, the girls will talk about it. There's a lot of tourists on Akibe, so if you don't know Japanese, they'll try to speak English. They're gonna have to take a picture. Really, for a little fee.

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