In this IC, I'll show you how short and low, with a small number of materials, and about two free days, an old and unpainted carcase, the '60s edac... could be converted into your interior.
Here she is.

1. We'll put it in the first place. I was doing this with a big bra.

Then we'll see the bowl with a simple pencil and a coal, respectively. I asked for this husband's procedure:)

Those parts that should not be painted are glued with painted scotch.

Cover open areas with white acryl ground.

Now! I'll tell you what's going on with the stud!
A lot of redesigning old furniture is a problem when the white paint is painted or even after the finish line (may be some time later, not immediately), the yellow stains begin to come to light. This is from the fact that, when moisture is on the oak, the oak begins to dispense the natural pathine(s). I mean. This pathine will be distributed to all of us in the field of water-repainting materials. Especially these yellow spots will be intense in places where they used to be.
How do we avoid that? I did it... ♪ She covered the first layer of the ground (see above) and then waited for drying, and covered the entire soil with acrylic water lac, it gives a good film.

Then a small skirt made a lac.

and covered another layer of ground

That's it. I hope we've locked all this yellow bucket forever. And she's not going to do anything:

Continuing the transformation... ♪ We put on the color of the ivory. That's why I'm taking a white grocery paint and adding some lights to it. And cover all the white areas, making the background.

We're taking napkins.

and cut out their motive, split two layers, leaving only the last with the picture. We scattered roses, watch and adjust, and we find all fragments a place.

I realized that they were the ones that would be small. And from the decoupling card, she cut out a few letters, burned them, and wore them in a vodka.

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