Passport cover

Passport cover class, leather shop and necklace:
The advantages of this method are speed, ease, accessibility. Sealing a passport cover can be done in an hour or a little more if you put a cover on a fen.
Necessary materials. How to pick a cover. Leather or leather cover, aerosol acrylic coating lac, alphabet, white acrylic (!) paint, whip, file, water, paint tape, office knife, acrylic lac.
How to choose Lac for sale I don't know what I'm saying. Acrylic paw on water, elastic. Try the lac you have.
We're going to demolish the passport cover.
We're deflecting the necklace and gluing the inner edges of the sheet. Cover a thin layer of aerosol lac.
Cover the cover with white acrylic paint. The cover of natural leather is neither dehydrated nor covered by aerosol noodles, but it's acrylic.
How many layers of white acryl can wear and what it depends on.
Choose motive. How to get a napkin motive to buy a passport cover.
We cut out the motive with the admissions.
We'll fix the napkin, we'll get the file and the lac.
We're putting a napkin on the file. Let's wash the extra water, put one side of the cover, remove the central warehouse, put the other side of the napkin on the cover.
We're doing a file. Let's get some lacquers, and then we'll get the edges back. The dryer is blue!
22.50. If there's a warehouse, we'll smoke it. Clothes. It's good to nail the cover.
A drawing. It's important not to take a lot of paint on the bone. We're working a half-drying brush, the end. Additional decor. We've got two more layers of lac with a subway.
28.30. Remove the painted ribbon with the office knife.
Finish lacqueration: gling or mat? Silk or barhat effects (up to 2 layers).

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