Large Biser Deals

Бисерный венок из васильков и ромашекBeager deals

  • The bright vassilles and the white rums coming from the bisera can be plunged into an vase, and the original vein can be formed from them to steal the interior.
  • The thinest pink colors of these romantic flowers degrade the gardens of Japan. Having made them out of a glass biser, you'll have great decorative elements for the house.
  • The colours of the orchids will steal any bouquet, and a separate flower from the biser can be turned into an effective jewelry.
  • The blade is made of small bushes in the quadrant (or the lowering of cubes).
  • Панно из бисера
  • This time, the British flag is coming out of a biser in the form of a earring by "quare stitch"
  • A set of flag-degradation decorations has been completed from a biser in fabric simulation.
  • Culon has a small, shiny glass in cyrpic stitches.
  • To create such an original eyebrow, only a bicellar and 15 large bottles will be required.
  • This original tree branch can be put in an vase, and you can steal any new year's comedy, even a painting!
  • A combination of biser and bush can be used as crowns in a man-made bong.
  • The fat white has been produced from a large-scale blade with parallel rows.
  • The blue owl with the white breast is met from the biser in the parallel lashing technique.
  • Such bright autumn leaflets can be swallowed to add them to a small bixer bouquetique, to create trees or to decorate the autumn wheat.
  • By your hands. for performance: gridded downfall, mosaic downfall of " cyrpic stitch " .
Орхидея из бисера Брелок из бисера британский флаг Серьги из бисера Комплект украшений из бисера с британским флагом

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