Large Matches

Lives and spies

Violent vests and handcuffs are very comfortable and comfortable clothes for daily socks.

They can be carried all, but in the choice of the fason, the characteristics of the figure should be taken into account:

  • For the worst, it is advisable to link to horizontal angles from the buckle of mean thickness or flush.
  • It's worth avoiding a big bandage and a bright color. Long-distance vests with vertical strips will help conceal round shapes and make it look harder.
  • Women of small growth need to be treated with caution against fat threads, large ears and drawings.

Working vest models

It's preferable to have a single-ton wool buckle in classical style. They're wearing a weed, golf, skirt or pants. The jacket can also be worn with a business dress of thin tissue or tricotage. If he has a smooth denomination, or not a far-reaching, releasing, he's got something to steal: a bromine, a thread of a bush, a chain with a fist.

Living and recreational wheels

All phases of vests and handcuffs are allowed to rest. They can have different divisions, unusual cream. Combination of different types and shades of buckles will help to show the incoherence and identity of the workshop. For the summer, the most good arable items from the cotton, silk and visual buckle. At a cold time of the year, it's appropriate with gakcard ornaments. A few strings, they're getting pretty tight and warm.

Winter or summer?

Acrylic handcuffs, mixed buckle, can be worn not just in the summer. In cool days, they'll also look good with watermelons, blouses and long-sleeve shirts.

All handcuffs and vests have an unthinkable crust, and the models presented to connect even the beginning of the ligament. In the rightly assembled buckle and size of the matches, combining different types of bandages or selecting only one, but effective, core, a unique and non-repetition model can be created.

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