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Biserpentism is a kind of manuscript known since ancient Egypt, its history has been over 5,000 years. Hend-made biserply doesn't lose popularity these days. Biser production is developed in different countries - Japan, Czech Republic, China. The Japanese basser is considered to be the most qualitative of the existing bracelets, earrings and other decorations which, by their appearance, do not yield jewellery. There are many biserpillars, some of whom have come to us from different peoples of other continents, such as the Andebele and the landscape.

Biserpents for starters are better treated with simple articles, errors that are not too visible or easily corrected. On the Masters Fair, you will find detailed biserpillars, illustrated photographs, drawings and charts. With them, it's possible to develop the bracelet of the rascal, from simple to complex. In order to deal with the difficult moments, we need to draw attention to video lessons on the biserpent.

Thanks to batting with your hands. You can create more than just turbine and accessories. Flowers, bonuses, miniature sculptures made in biserpillars can be interesting interior accessories, souvenirs and holiday gifts.

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