Beager Ring

Non-fritt biser ring

1It's a beaver ring and stones that attracted me with its greatness, solemnity and beauty. By picking up some pretty natural beads, in this case, non-fritish, a little fur and perseverance, and this ring will be in your collection. Maybe make you great sales. That ring was done by Alla T. of Kazakhstan-- thank her so much. A lot of people can't figure out how to make a product even with a beaver ring.The master class of the given ring is creative, which means that there will be no clear recommendation on the size of the bead and the biser. Just a few things in common. I'm sure the experienced masters will fully agree that this is the only right option. As it allows, not only to use the material you have, but to develop, your skill, not just to copy other people's work.

The beaver on the rings - 10/0, 11/0, to be drawn at the edges 14/0, 15/0, 16/0 - looks more jewellery.

кольцо из бисера, кольцо из бисера схемы, кольцо из бисера своими рукамиBuffins 2 mm to 16 mm. Wake up, set up the experiment.

Buffins from a natural stone of 3 mm to 8 mm.

There's got to be some stretched beads.

You must add to the work of the rondels, Busin huggers and other foams, that gives greatness and jewelry to the product. In this case, a beaser and bush ring.

The Princess scheme from the journal is used to fly the ring.

The author flies this piece on the fishing forest. She's tested and she's doing a great job in the rings from the biser.

But to be better visible, the master class is on the thread.

кольцо из бисера, кольцо из бисера схемы, кольцо из бисера своими рукамиRepeat the first pattern. Let's get a bush, a basserin, a buffin, a buffoon, and we'll put them in the ring, and then we'll get a triangle.

We're gonna have to fix the thread. In beser rings with your hands. It's very important that the whole design is tightly tied to each other.

Now we're making a central element. It's gonna be great if you bring him some bush hugs. ♪

Of course, for the central element, we use the biggest bush.

And on the other hand, from the central bush, we'll also have a little bite of basser.

Now we're going to be on schedule 2

Let's get the bottom of the duke. EE is also diluting a beautiful fountain to our discretion. There's a lot of rondels coming up here.

We'll add the same oak upstairs.

And there's another important explanation. First, the arc should be narrower across the edges and wider in the centre.

Second, the central bush in the arc must be tightly attached to the main bush, so it's best to take a big bush.

And third of each arc is best placed on several knots. Remember the strength and the rigidity of the structure.

кольцо из бисера, кольцо из бисера схемы, кольцо из бисера своими руками кольцо из бисера, кольцо из бисера схемы, кольцо из бисера своими руками кольцо из бисера, кольцо из бисера схемы, кольцо из бисера своими руками 2

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