Beautiful Bisera Braces

Beautiful, tender bracelets from the biser

3937411_12 (500x477, 194Kb)Tuesday, 09 August 2016

Materials required:

  • 4*6 mm, 90 st.
  • 9 x 4 mm round bush
  • 3 mm, 126 st.
  • 1 g biser No. 11
  • 5 g biser No15
  • bracelet glazing
  • filament and needle No. 12

Scheme bracelet bracelet:

1. The bracelet is composed of nine flowers, at the centre of each of them a 4 mm bush. Let's start the skiing with this bush.3937411_23 (621x574, 97Kb) Put two threads on each basser in the sequence shown in the rice pattern. 1. Go back through the bush with two ends of the thread and pull up to get a bush.

2. Now we're flying one side of the flower. At point " a " in rice. 2 indicates the place where we start the diarrhea. Having made four loops, walking through the bouises to the edge and making three gossips like rice. 3. Add the fragment to the last of the bisera (Figure 4) and start to the second half of the flower.

3. Walk through the skies on the opposite side so that the filament reaches the point " e " in rice. 4. Repeat the same as the first part of the flower. The thread will come out at point b of rice. 5 and start a second flower.

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