Liquid Bisera

Diversified bisera: diagrams, class masters

You ever tried to do that. with his hands? I think that in school, many of you have learned to do simple workouts from a biser in your work class. It was probably flat pieces of animals, like lizards or crocodiles. Do you remember how to do a biser deal? Try it, you'll probably do it!

Prepare the material first. You'll need a beaver of a few flowers and wires. Once the material has been prepared, we have to decide what we're gonna be doing? Volume deals from a biser or lighter deals. In any case, different, because the colour of the biser can always be replaced, the size, etc., and the result will be different. And with a little experience, you'll understand that it's not easy to make up your own schemes. They're painted on paper, thinking about the size and location of the parts, and then they start shaping the product. So you can come up with any form.

So keep the material, study our diagrams, class masters and councils, and soon enough you'll be able to come up and build. beautiful bisera deals

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