Bush And Biser

You're gonna need a "Tais" number:

You will need:
• Biser No. 11, dark brown Iris;
• Biser No. 15, dark brown Iris;
• Biser No. 15, transparent with silver line inside;
• 10x20 mm brown bush;
:: Pearl beads dark - brown diameter 4 mm, 8 mm and 12 mm;
50 browns with spraying of swarowski bikons 4 mm,
● silk brown tissue.

Cop it up. Master of class It's not possible, but following our recommendations, you can easily create your infinite masterpiece. The centre element of the beaser bulb consists of intermittent arc carried out by the " mosaic " and fabric cells attached to the Swarowski roundabout. We're starting to fly on diagram 1. Set the bush between two beacons of four pearl beads and a biserine, as shown in diagram No. 1a. Next, the upper part is rounded up by diagram No. 16. The lower part is rounded up according to diagram No. 1 to gradually increase the number of bisserines. Going to the middle of the bush, we'll have a few rows (2-4 rows depending on the shape of the bush). And then we reduce the number of biserines or use a lower-size biser. The last row's biserinas go several times and pull the thread. Next to the outlet of the Swarowski Busy, we'll go round the pearls and fly them as shown in figure 2. Next, we join the elements with the tissue. In the latter circle, we join through the ribbons of the tapes carried out under the " cosmic mosaic " scheme No. 3.

For small reasons, we're going to be pearl bush on sketch No. 4. Then join the elements with the tissue. In the latter circle, elements with a cloth of " mosaic " , joining the bicones.

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