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Mosaic craft with an even number of biserines

Pick up an inaccurate number of biserines (e.g. 7) and take the needle back through the third bicellen at the end, as shown in the figure:

Now get one basserina on the thread, and walk the needle through one biserina. Keep dialing on one biserina and going through one until you get to the end of the series:

When the needle came out of the last basserina of the row, find one biserina, turn the needle and go back through the biserina that was picked up before. Keep swinging around until you reach the desired length of the product.

Mosaic cavalry equipment with an odd number of biserines

If you want to swap the product in the mosaic machine with the center of symmetry, use this method. It differs from the above-mentioned fact that there is a need to act differently in the turn. Pick up an even number of biserines (e.g. 6) and fly as described above until you reach the end of the row. You can turn around in two ways.

1. Get the last bicellon and tie the thread to the double knot. Then go the needle backwards through the last bicellen, find one biserina and continue as usual:

2. Find the last bicellon of the third row, and walk through the first bicelline in the reverse direction, as shown in the figure:

Then find one biserina and walk through one:

Keep whipping like usual. There's a turnover from one edge as usual, another direction method will have to be used from the other end, because there's a missing pole. The figure below shows how to turn from the edge where there is a lack of biserin. Pick up the last basserina of the row, and go the needle backwards through the bicellen just taken from the bottom. Make a turn on the previous basserinas. ♪ ♪

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