Arrangement Of A Rose From A Biser

Bouquet of roses from the bisera large bouquet of beautiful roses from the biser

Big bouquet of beautiful roses from the biser. A very extraordinary bouquet that will never come in! A detailed diagram of a rose coming from a biser.
Little rose


We need to swap the bottom of the view of the petals: external and internal. Get out of here first, it's a little bigger than the inside.

1. At one end of the wire, bring down 3 biserinas and lock them in reverse through the last two basserinas with the second end of the wire (Figure 1a). Pull the wire.
2. Put down four basserines at any end of the wire and push them to their punishment. The second end will be put through the newly recruited basserinas in the reverse direction (Figure 1b). Pull the wire.
3. After you swallow six bicerieks (Figure 1 in), follow the 8 -10- 12 - 14 - 15 (Figure 1 g). Pull the wire.

4. Get a wire at every end for 9 to 12 basserinas. The number depends, first of all, on the size of the biser, and secondly, the basserin collected must completely close the side of the blind. So if 9-12 basserines are not enough or vice versa, you'll lose another number of biserin. The ends of the handbag will be put through the first basserin. The wire is scrubbed.
1. Cut the wire 30 cm long. At one end, you'll lose 14 biserinas and put them down the center. This same end, go backwards through 11 biserinas, blowing the last 3 (figure 2a).
2. Then at the other end, you'll be as tight as possible to the already-nominated 14 biserinas. Leave three bisserieties and put the wire through the remaining 11 (Figure 26).
The middle can be much shorter. That's the first time you're gonna have to lower 7-8 biser instead of 14.

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