Arrangement Of Stitching

Crust process for starters

Also my videos: Filling the thread at the beginning and at the end of the job is the process of brushing the basser.

The casting of a cross is an art that allows for the creation of real masterpieces. The extraction allows for the development of such qualities as learning, logical thinking, carefulness, satisfactoriness, sensitivity, patientness,

Sustainability, autonomy, ability to draw conclusions, concentration and value beautiful. Proceedings: 1. Before the work begins, mark the edges of the canva so as to avoid the fall of the canvas so that the edge can be stitched with a thread, it can be done both with your hands and with a sewing machine.

2. Definitely.

The center on the canva. Determining the centre is necessary to correctly position the canvas. We're going down halfway across the horizon, and we're halfway through the vertical. The center should be celebrated. The center you've identified will correspond to the center of the drawing on the chart. The drip usually starts from the centre of the canva, but the number of cells from the centre can be counted and start breathing from any edge. 3. The stretch of the tissue on the sticks of the marked canva must be filled in the palaces: put the tissue on the arm with a smaller diameter and put a bigger hand over it. Pull the canva and put the wrinkle on. 4. Fixing of the thread strap to the needle

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