Pieces For Baptizing

Piece of the photo

схемы распечататьToday, high technology and complete automation, manual work is very and very high. The paintings, the inhaled baptism, are warm and mental. And if these paintings are to be modernized and made with some originality, then the creation's going to be a little higher. We're talking. crust The picture or the picture. It is based on unprepared store schemes, for example, a picture of the photo from which an extra picture is performed.

In order to get a schematic, it's enough on a dedicated website to send a picture of the desired work and transform it into a drying scheme and send it to e-mail. Of course, this scheme can be done on its own in a special programme, but there is a need for special knowledge and skills and enough time.
Соединяю фрагментами She needs to be printed after the diagram is received.

Then cut the sheets and connect them. I don't do them in a big scheme, so they're very fast-tracked and they're getting uncomfortable. Connecting fragments.

Next step. I'm picking a canva. To make the portrait more realistic and similar to the original, it is best to choose the canva from No. 18 and above. In this case, the drying will be on Canva No. 18.
I'm pulling the canvas so that there's no ties.

The next step is to pick a thread. I'm using the DMC mole, cotton. The chart is accompanied by a palette of colours with the nicknames. All we have to do is buy the necessary colors.

Then I find the nearest middle on the canva and on the chart. I'll figure out what color you need to start breathing. I put my thread in the needle.подбор ниток The needle must be rounded up to avoid breaking the canva. And I'm doing the first stitch, putting my finger on the inside. The knot is not made, the thread is attached.

It's good to keep the thread out.

I'm starting to sew the crosses. I'm doing the left lower corner to the right top. The needle goes on the inside. The Identines enter the right lower corner and enter the left upper.

So I'm gonna throw up every cell, according to the scheme.

Подбираю канву делаю первый стежок согласно схеме будет виден рисунок

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