Speaker Coating

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вязаное пнчо-пальто спицамиThe long poncho from the meridose wool and the alpaca wool will warm up to its knees, and the lateral cuts on buttons do not stir up movements.

A very warm cardigan with amazing eyes can replace you with this fall coat. It's time to start tying a new wardrobe.

In the spring, the most demanded woman's thing becomes a coat. In addition to the traditional harboring and knitting.

Dimensions: 36/38, 40/42, 44/46, 48

You'll need 800 (800/850/900) g of Soufle buckle (100% wool, 70 m/50 g), matches Nos. 7 and No. 8, 7 buttons.

Rubber 3/3: 3 persons, 3 out.

Rubber 2/2: 2 persons, 2 out.

Platoon: faces and faces. c.

вязаный кардиган пальто спицамиLead: persons.

Intelligent smooth: faces, p., v., v., p.

This model has only the advantages: in the intersex, it's a fashion coat, and a winter long cardigan. The rubber and the cos, the noble meridian bucket will never come out of fashion.

A bright coat in the fall paints is a great choice and a walk in nature and for life in a big city.

Dimensions: 36/38 (40/42)

The difference between 40/42 is shown in parentheses. If one value is specified, it shall apply to both dimensions.

You will need: 1100 (1150) g melange buckle Lana Grossa ELLE (58% polyacryl, 42% wool, 40 m/50 g) of green apple/chw colour (G7); direct matches No. 8 and No. 9; circular matches No. 9, 80 cm long; hook No. 7; button 28 mm diameter.

вязаное пальто спицамиGreen edge: 1st p.m. of each row shall be removed as individuals. The last of each row ' s lounge shall be tied. All the details are tied to the green edges.

The first model is a casual bruise coat, which looks very unintentionally. The warm knitting coat with beautiful eyes from cos and rumbs is a great choice for the early fall.

Bear coat


You will need 1,150 g of Alta Moda Alpaca bruise (90 per cent of alpaca wool, 5 per cent polyamide, 140 m/50 g); matches No. 6.

Dimensions: S/M/L/XL/XXL

You will need 1,000/1100/1200/ 1350/1450 g of Bergere de France Baltic (60 per cent acryla, 40 per cent polyamide. 80 m/50 g: N 5: 3 staples with metal buttons.


Short coat.

Dimensions: 36/38, 40/42 and 44/46. The directions for large sizes are in parentheses if they differ from size 36/38.
Material: Art. Steinbach Monte Baldo 800 (800) (900) g pistachio zw. 08, roundabouts 9 and 10, 5 buttons 3 cm in diameter.
Rubber: 1 person.
The main disgrace: the lemon.
Special strikes: 1 person, p., 2 p., with a length (=1 p.m., 1 person, p.) and the wearing of persons removed by (e.g., 3 p. from the end, 2 persons together, 1 person.

вязаное пальто спицами вязаное палть модели с описанием вязаное пальто спицами пальто спицами

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