How To Steal A Ball

The biggest ball in the world will steal


The world's largest tree ball will be set in the early days of the Manoeuvre Square under the Christmas Eve festival.

A huge ball of 9, 5 meters is claiming a place in the Guinness Book. All interested will be able to enter the art site, take a picture and make a wish.

Inside the balloon, they'll set up shops where you can sit and enjoy the holiday atmosphere.

"An incremental design will be 9, 5 kilometers of light-died garlands. The design engineers have prepared a surprise for the Moscow, a special visual effect on the celebrity, and they have noted the organizers of the Christmas Eve festival.

It's planned to steal the Mane Square in early December. We'll add the ball to one of the underwater toys.

Before the new year ' s balls decorated the main area of Lisbon and Nitzza, but the Moscow ball far exceeds its predecessors by size.

Christmas Festival.

To be held in Moscow from 12 December to 11 January. Christmas fairs will be working all month in 36 sites in the center and districts.

The choice of such a facility is unheard because the main theme of the Gorny Park is pop art this year. The overturned pear was developed by a group of young architects from the News Bureau. Previously, they were also engaged in the summer pop-up of the Pavilion Museum of Modern Arts "Garage" and the summer land in the courtyard of Moscow.

How they will steal Moscow by New Year

Let us recall that, in order to steal Moscow by New Year, the concept of celebrating was developed. This was reported by Vladimir Chernikov, Chief of Media and Advertising. The concept was called "Serpentine Fire" and was designed to take into account the peculiarities of the capital architecture. By the New Year, the streets of the capital will be marked by holiday posters, artificial eals, light installation, and will earn Christmas fairs.

References on the topic

The first is a traditional combination of the greetings, a new day of meal and snowflakes performed on the red background.

The second option contains the traditional elements of the holiday, it is a voluminous composition of the snow, a new day of meal and a snowman with gifts.

The third option was implemented in animation style with Deed Moroz, carrying a new year's gift. The Central Composite of the Fourth Option is the visual image of the new Eyes of the Serpentine Fire. The last fifth option complements the traditional new year symbols in a visual manner, in conjunction with the Russian Federation ' s announcement in 2015 of the Russian literature.

There will be 1,000 new yearly eels in the city, 99 of which will be established by the Media Department. They will shape trees in both traditional and more innovative ways, using state-of-the-art materials. The sizes will be the same as the trees, but with individual design. The design of the Zubov, Smolene, Serpukhovsky, Paveletska, Tagan, Sukharev, Sukharovsky, Cudrinski Square, as well as the area of Earth Val and the area of Red Worth, has been chosen by the users of the Active National Service.

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