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The workshop fair is a huge resource that as of February 2013, more than 3 million visitors per month. The shop fair is, in fact, a community of manual masters and a trade area, and a little social network. It's free to open your shop, and it's the first three jobs. Together with the opening of the shop, the master is assigned a straw map, the first is Beginner (free placement of 3 works), a series of maps with a gradual increase in the tariff to Mega+ (1700 roubles at 02.2013, with 500 jobs). At the Fair, the Masters have many opportunities to communicate with other masters and advance their work. The heading " Selected Works " has been placed on the front page, which depends on how many visitors have added work to their chosen ones.
The main minus of the Fair is of course its size. Even very talented work is easily lost in the endless stream of the author Hend Meida

Selio's area is a relatively young resource positioning itself, like your handwritten personal store. The registration is simple, and then you can deliver the goods immediately. Selio is completely free.

The In-dee project very resembles European areas for the sale and purchase of manual products, the marketing task has been accomplished very modernly. It's not the profiles and shops, it's the Romania show. Any image of your showcase can be shared on social media, WCO, Facebook or Pinterest. The project has an annex on the Contact, which allows you to add to your group on this social network an In-dee show.

Hand made the Rucodel Community. It is notable that it is sensitive to copyright. The Community will issue a certificate for every publication of your product, while recommending that all work be published first on the Community website. Master ' s basic account in the community is free of charge, all subsequent fee (from 50 to 500 roubles as at 02.2013). In the portal, you can order the advertising of yourself and your products by paying the services to the bonuses of the Hand-delivery or real money.

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