Hend Meade Jewelry

Good hands

A beautiful country jocket would be perfect for both gins and tight pants. You can wear it instead of a blouse because the jacket doesn't have a fake.
Dimensions of coating 38, 40, 42, 44 and 46
Long on the back of the oc. 57 cm.
You will need: An elastic syringe in a cell of 140 cm wide, length: sm. 38: 1, 90 m, smash. 40: 1, 95 m, hmm. 42: 2, 00, hmm. 44: 2, 05 m, hmm. 46: 2, 10 m Flyselin; 3 buttons; whippers, garlic. Recommended tissues: light jackets with or without elastan fibres.
(a) 2 rounds of pockets 3cm wide (including tolerances) and length: sm. 38: 15 cm, cm. 40: 15, 5 cm, smash. 42: 16 cm, cm. 44: 16, 5 cm, cm. 46: 17 cm;
(b) 4 bags of pockets wide: sm. 38: 15 cm, cm. 40: 15, 5 cm, smash. 42: 16 cm, cm. 44: 16, 5 cm, cm, cm. 46: 17 cm long by 13 cm (including tolerances). Label: See the gray spot on the layout plan. Only the lower collar shall be duplicated, not 2mm to the outer contour of the collar. The manges shall be duplicated without 2 mm reaching the line of the upper edge of the manget. In addition, cover the stripes of approximately 4 cm in the upper pockets. Move the mark to the details of the rabbit.
Shopping: Trucks and ducts on the plates: in the middle between the lines marked, cut the depths of the leaks without reaching 2 cm to the top. The upper cross section of the exits to the face, toss the corner to the top. Enter the corners. The depths of the exits from the corner to the bottom of the cut and plug. Let the long stitch passes to the middle line, let the short stitch down. Screening of the zigzagic stitch 4 mm wide.
The parts of the back are to run out and squeeze their depths to the middle stitch. Fill the average backs. Bring your stitch down. The back shall be set to the top of the zigzag stitch 4 mm wide.
Do side and shoulder stitches. Let your stitches go down.
Fixed and non-continuous parts of the valves shall be folded and shall be lateral and lower cuts close to the brackets. Cut the stitches. The valves shall be set off at the outer contour of the Zigzag stitch at a distance of 2 mm from the cuts.
Carmans with valves. The clan and the leak to the shelf. A half along the stitches, to the ends of the stitches, to the nascos. ♪ ♪

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