Master Class, Clipping Video

Mandatory hook

The hook is one of the most popular manoeuvres around the world, despite its relatively recent appearance in the nineteenth century. By knitting a hook with your hands, you can create amazing things, ranging from little Ayguri toys to top clothing. It's gonna be a good way to tie a hook for starters, to learn this kind of creativity from four to five years. The knitting lessons will help a child develop a small motor.

Video video knitting lessons You'll be able to learn the basic techniques - the wheat and the poles that are the basis for any disgrace. The sight of this technique will quickly develop the knitting technology of the hook, which will give you a whole world of man-made opportunities - the bice, the fork, the Irish mug, the Tunisian, the filay and the arsonic knitting of the hook. Here you will find a lot of simple knitting patterns for starters. Flaps, hats, decor circus, small-scale toys, all of which can be created from the first days of technology training. The authors provide backbone chains with a detailed description that will help to understand all the subtle and nuances of the product ' s sight.

Master classes on the Master Fair will not only be interested in beginnings. Thanks to the step-by-step process of editing, even those who have already mastered this technician will be able to open up something new in the fine art of the Hend Meid knitting hook.

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