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Glass: New Year Charics

Мастер-класс по декупажу на стекле: Новогодние шарикиYour attention is drawn to a master-class developed and carried out for the Consolidation Fund. This time we made a new year's balloon! Master class is quite simple, but the balloons are getting very beautiful!

Materials required:

  • plastics ball,
  • Carton,
  • monetary motive,
  • PWA glue,
  • Manca,
  • Acrylic paints (acrylic paint sprays),
  • 3rd effect,
  • contour,
  • Piece,
  • Wata,
  • Bilateral scotch,
  • glitters, decor tapes.

We split the ball, one of the floors, we'll make an internal decor. Become a white contour of the point (inside) and a little bit of blades.

We'll paint a half from inside a bright paint. I had to do about 50 cookies, so I used a mattt acrylic paint. But if you have to do just a few balloons, you can use acrylic paint for glass and a powdered lip.

Мастер-класс по декупажу на стекле: Новогодние шарикиSpring is located 20 to 30 cm in several layers. Pre-balls are placed in a high-board box (we only want to paint balloons, not paint all furniture and vinegars).

For saturated colour, 3 layers of cushion were made between 3-5 minutes.

There's a picture inside our balloon. To this end, from a tight cardboard, the cuts of the right diameter circle, the cash motive on the PWA glue.

Мастер-класс по декупажу на стекле: Новогодние шарики We're doing a dosage of pictures (if necessary). We're putting the figure on the 3d-eff, adding the blests.

On the pure floor of the balloon, on the bottom (inside of the balloon) we put a little bit of glue with a man and we glue a piece of glass to simulate the snow. Put our decorative card into a balloon. For comfort, I've been making "consistance" out of the insulation. We're connecting two half balls. The line of the connection is marked with a thin strip of the bilateral scotch. We'll put a decoration tape on it.

The finishing bar is a beautiful bunny and a hinge so that the ball can be put on the tree! Our ball is ready!

Мастер-класс по декупажу на стекле: Новогодние шарики Мастер-класс по декупажу на стекле: Новогодние шарики

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