Decoration By The New Year With His Hands

Remove the house by the new year 2016

New Year's holidays are a wonderful time to give us a magical and untransmitted mood. And given that the coming year is the year of the Fired Monkey, the symbol of the gambling and loving fun, it can be concluded that stealing your house is just necessary!

This process is very fascinating and suitable for involving all family members. Here are a few tips that will allow Make a new year It's more beautiful and interesting.


украсить дом на новый год 2016

To make it right, you need to figure out which new year's accessories you'd like to see at your house. The plan should begin with internal house removal and then move to the exterrey.

Take the camera and take some pictures of the interior and the outer walls of your house. So it would be much easier for you to imagine the cleaning of the dwellings and to pick up everything you need to steal.

Take pictures with you to the store where you're planning to buy everything you need, it's gonna be a lot easier to figure out the shape and the flower gamma you need.

Elephant branches

Having acquired a natural tree for your new year's holiday, you are faced with the need for some branches to cut. Well, it's not a good time to go to the dump. They might be useful to make a natural garland. It will allow some of the elements of the interior of your housing, such as the fireplace, the staircase, the celebration table, etc.

Colour pattern

Of course, if you use a few flower circuits in the interior during the celebration, it'll be great. However, when you're making a holiday in your own apartment, you have to choose one pattern of shades, which will make the evening bright and original, while maintaining a sense of style.

Using one scheme, you can stick it in the house. However, if you have the opportunity and desire, each room will be well placed to give a certain style.

For example, a new year's tree can be painted using a gold and red diagram, and the same camine can be embedded in silver and green shades. But the same principles can be applied to steal other apartments.

Fasad at home

Your own house can be painted by light lanterns. This option is not very expensive in terms of electricity costs, because the lights consume it much less than the lights. And the possibility of programming will allow you to create a unique illumination on the housing phase.

These axes make it possible to create an unbearable sense of holiday, especially if the street is snowing. Looking at this illumination, no one will be left with a happy and magical spirit in the shower.

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