The Jewelry By Hand Is A Class Master

"cafebia" is jewelry with his hands

== sync, corrected by elderman ==
"Barockco" with the charm.
August 20th, 11:00.
Master class on making a daily brooch ''Barockco'. At the master class, we compare the different producers of stitches, you'll find out how to create a stitch and a lot of subtle... At the end of your master class, you will gain the jewel of your hands with love.
All materials and tools are provided.
It's a basic requirement for teachers to be in good mood and want to do something!
Distance materials: sludge (whether Belarusian), charotite buffins, Bice N 6, base for eyebrows, fishing thickness 1, 6, leather slices, biser No10-11, basser needles, scisssors, lighter, small flat lips, round lips, carpet or slic.
Master class is about four hours.
1,500 roubles.
Place of master class: Mr. Moscow Adres: M. Bagration

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