The Jewels From The Copper Wire With Their Hands

The jewels from the copper wire with their hands:

Медный ключикThe copper key will be a mysterious and original decoration, which will go a long way towards the stimpan or boho stylist, as well as can be used as an interlayer accessory.

To make that key. with your hands.We're gonna need:

  • copper wire: 2 pieces of about 40 centimetres of fat (1, 2 mm in diameter) and very small;
  • flat, small bead, about a centimetre long;
  • flat lips;
  • Small squeezes or strubs;
  • Nacolyn (may be taking any metal brews, I've got this whole thing from the gantels);
  • hammer.

Preparing the copper wire key

First, we create the top of our key. We take that procrastination that the ceiling combines the ends and flexes it with a plug.

We'll push the tips until the hinge reaches about 1, 5 cm long.

Now we've got to do some sidewalks. By maintaining the place where the wire is crossed, one of the tailings of the wire is wired and dragging the hinge to the appropriate size (about 1 cm in length).

Медная проволока

We'll do the same with the second tail. I'm just doing it with my hands, honey wire is soft enough. But if it turns out to be hard, you can always help yourself by taking a tail with flat lips.

The procedure needs to be repeated from both sides once more, and five hinges should eventually be available. Let's get our cooking on the bait and start knocking the hammer.

It doesn't have to be too bad, but it's important to keep the hammer straight, so he doesn't come back in the rib and leave the unbelievable mints on the table.Бижутерия своими руками The ends of the hinge can be splintered harder, but where the wire crosses, it's important not to override so it doesn't break.
It's like this.

Cheetry: You can only beat the booth on the side that's gonna be the ink. Then the face will be smooth and smooth.

We're pressurizing the squeeze so the ends can get out of here and start squeezing them together.

Squeeze to the place where the key beard will be (approximately 3 cm). Then one of the ends is wrapped at right angles and the other is straight down.

With about two, five cm down, take the lower end of the flat lips and start bending.

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