Put Your Hands On Clothes

How to sew with your hands

Выкройка и пошив юбки по косойHow to put your hands on clothes, bed laundry, rubber sheets, couch chips, chairs.
Simple advice will allow you to avoid standard errors in stitching, covering the bed.
How to sew out of old jeans of shorts like to sew jeans in a sewing car in a house.
If you decide to sew the fur jacket, bag, fur coats, read our website articles. You'll know the technology of stitching mechanics that can be sewn out of old clothes, shoe and stuff.
Буквы-подушки своими руками The experimental sewing technology will share secrets with you as sewing and burying the clothes themselves, various supplies for the house, and repairing the clothes.

How to cover and sew the sunshine skirt.
The simplest and popular ski model is skirt sunshine, half sunshine, cosmic. It's very simple to skirt such a skirt, and it's not a big deal. The only difficulty is that when the skirts are stacked, it must be taken into account that each of the parts has different directions of the thread. One skirt has a left direction, the other is the transverse direction of the tissue. That's why the stitching could lead to a strong landing by one side.Как сделать заплатки, штопку, штуковку джинсов I'll bet you'll have your stitched pieces of the skirt. Don't use the skirts of the skirts scattered by the cosmetic atlas, especially black. In the parts of the skirt from such tissue, the front and rear half of the skirts will have different shades.

How to sew the pillows
How to sew the pillows with your hands. In this article, you'll find out how to extract a voluminous letter and stave the decoration pillow.

How to make jeans.
The clothes are often repaired. Changing lightning in the jacket or jeans, cutting off child clothing, changing hooks at the shoe, etc. But most of all, we have to repair the jeans. Dragged jean tissue is not very strong and there is loss in many parts of the jeans over time. How do we restore lost and sometimes broken jeans? One way is to rupture.

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