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Biserpent, biser video lessons for starters

Biser is ancient material. It's become like a manuscript like a biserpent, also has a long history. The first inhabitants of ancient Egypt have learned to steal women's dresses from the biser, to lower the beads and bracelets. But only a long time later, in the 10th century, the true thriving of this kind of manuscript began. For a long time, the Venetian masters have protected the secrets of the production of the biser and the creation of decorations. The basser was found to steal clothes and shoes, purses and screams, windscreens and other fine things.

In America, the Indians began to steal a basser of a variety of rituals: belts, cradles, filth... At the Upper North, the basser stole reindeer garments, sunscreen glasses and bandages, woots, shoe and headbags.

If you're interested in biserpillating for starters, this category of our website is what you need! What are you gonna find here?

Flowers from the biser. The video shows will help you learn how to create a bisera, wires and auxiliary founciation. flowers and wood from the biser. They'll be the jewel of your interior and just a good gift.

The jewellery. One of the most extensive topics on our website, where you will find out how the caboshone sprays, how the berms are stunned with collars and beads, bracelets and even exquisite peppers. The jewelry from the biser will always be relevant, because it's such a delicate and delicate job!

Blinks and deals from the biser. Rabbits, trees, ice cream, cats, snow... There's practically anyone out of the biser! Such a gift would have to be tasted by all hand-workers.

So, biserpillating and stitching the basser is the work of a rabbit, but the result justifies the effort that has been spent!

Try to pick the best basser for your jewelry. The biserpillator says the best bisses are manufactured in Japan and Czech. But it's the master who decides! You can choose a round basser, long sticks - a glass, a hameleon, a mat, a pair, a wet, a chandelier, painted inside a biser. There are many options to date.

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