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Biser tulip

If you think about 8 March, what colors are in your mind... for sure, tulips. Today, I'll tell you and show you how to whip a tulip from a biser. And for you to be more aware of the Tulpan class, I will, as always, add to the craftsman's master class photos of a tulip from a biser, so that the skirt process is understandable and beginners in the biserpent.

  • For Biser We'll need a tulip.
    Bicer four flowers: red mat, yellow mat, black mat and green. Dimension of Biser No. 10 (if Czech) or No. 12 (Chinese)
    Glazing 0, 4mm, 0, 3mm and 1, 8 mm (for stalking)
    Flor ribbon - it's gonna have to wrap the stalk.
    Little flower vase.
Тюльпан из бисера мастер-класс

Beaser tulips

Then, at the end of the wire, we hire a red basser and make two oaks (1 turn).

Next, we'll get the bisses at the end of the wire. This time, the oak ends at four biserinas down from the top. It's necessary to make a tooth.

Now we're gonna get a red basser for the wire, and we're gonna make a back oath, we're gonna keep it down.

There's a similar tooth on the other side.

We're going to hire a basser wire and do arrog. It's an oak that's attached to five basserinas below the top of the previous oath. Now we're gonna hire a basser wire and we're doing a back oath, putting it underneath.

Then the tooth on the other side is similar to the previous one. We'll get the right amount of abyser, we'll put arc down five basserinas, and we'll make a back oak that we'll put on the bottom of the axle. All right, one of the leptists are ready. There's six grand worth of that.

Typical and sand for a tulip from a biser

Tulp's wolves are flying in a hydrated urination technique. We take a 45-cm wire and we hire a black biser of 15 pieces. Now we stick to one biserina and put the wire back through 14 black basserinas, and we're good on it.

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