Beather Flowers For Starters

Birger floats: steps for starters (basin in basket)

материалы для бисероплетенияSuch flowers will not be intact, nor will they retain the heat and energy of their manufacturer. For starters, the process of manoeuvre may seem difficult and long, but in fact it's much easier. The main snitch and practice, and if the steps below are followed, any beginner will be able to handle it. But before the beaver float starts, take care of the necessary material to make the process smooth and pleasant.
We're gonna need to make the sunflowers out of the biser:

плетение лепестка из бисера
  • Biser (wheel, brown, light and dark green),
  • wire,
  • Three round discs with openings (used for bromine manufacture),
  • bamboo shelves,
  • Green flaristic tape,
  • plastic,
  • Hyps,
  • A basket and a single plastic cup size,
  • Some PVA and a green goo.

Birger flow - Master Class:

Let's start working on the sunflower. We'll take a wire of 35 cm long and fold as shown in the photo.
At a short end, we'll call 15 biserinas, and we'll have a long 18, and we'll get him around a short one.
Плетение цветов из бисера: по шагам для начинающих (подсолнухи в корзинке) We're going back to the long end of 18 biserinas, and we're putting it around the foundation. I'll give you the shape immediately. He should be a little sharp.
The next row is made out of 23 biserinas. The second 23 biserines are putting wires on both ends. So, by hiding the little end, we'll end the blindness.
Ends are well placed around the foundation. In total, for one sunflower, we need at least eleven petals.

плетение листьев из бисера сборка цветка сборка цветка подсолнух из бисера

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