Blowing Pictures For Starters

Blowing a cross for starters or how to learn how to throw a baptism is beautiful

Виды вышивки крестомThe stitch is one of the most common and favorite classes of males of all ages. Among the various types of stitching, it is the cross that has the most complacency and has not lost its popularity since its inception. Part of this has been achieved by the great potential of this technique, embroidered by the cross of clothing, scouts, pillows, napkins and other accessories and decore items, and created paintings and penny, with the extraction giving virtually no opportunity to translate a variety of ideas, from simple pictures to world classics.

You will learn from your lesson:

  1. Cross species
  2. Crust stitchers
  3. Filling of the filament
  4. Moulin species
  5. Pushing needles
  6. The canva and her choice.
  7. Bees and their types
  8. How to choose a ready-to-be set for the cross
  9. Training
  10. Crust process
  11. Prepared work

Let's get the cross.

The stitching of the cross is a way of stitching the drawing on the canva using needles and colour (mulina) or other stitching threads using the skirts.Вышивка крестом: двойная диагональ The stitching of the cross refers to the exact type of manoeuvre. The main element is the " cross " , which consists of two intersecting cosmic stitches. The species of the cross is quite large, and in the cross emplacement, the equipment is usually used in a full cross or half-cross.

A simple cross is two diagonal crossroads. They tend to start it on the top of the diagon to the left, finish it right down the diagon to the left. An important feature of the cross emitting: all the upper stitches shall lie straight and in one direction and the lower in the opposite direction.

Halfcrest is the first stitch in a simple cross.

Double (Bulgarian cross) technician, which is used less, due to greater labour. Represents the rotation of simple crosses and small straights between them.

Other types of " cross " may also be distinguished: a long cross, a long cross with a strap, a Slavic cross, a straight cross, wandering crosses, the Star, Leviathan, Risy Square, Italian cross.

Вышивка крестом: двойная диагональ Двойная диагональ (справа налево) Двойная диагональ (справа налево) Вышивка крестом по вертикали

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