How To Make Jewelry With Your Hands

Dear friends, last night's final class at school..

Dear friends, last night's final class at the Amazing Master School! The joint project of the company and the studio met all our expectations.

At the last job, the guys were just excited when they got their articles from metal. During the hour, they made jewellery to full glare through professional tools.

Boys and girls, showing all the skills they've learned for training, have made real masterpieces. Someone did some great rings, and someone's amazing beauty of the suspension. jewellery with your the talismans, it will certainly bring the boys luck and success in all their future endeavours.

At the end of the final session, Almaz gave young jewellers a certificate of course.

That's not all! There's a surprise for you, there's gonna be a little film in a few days about the project, where the skills will be filled, as well as interviews with participants, sponsors and masters.

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