How To Make A Tree Toy With Your Hands

Long toys with their hands!

Useful advice

Let's get you toys for your tree.

There is nothing in the process itself, materials will be used on a water basis, so the process can, and perhaps even involve, children. Of course, if they're not very small.

And imagine how expensive you are toys with your sweet little baby's hands...

We're gonna need a horse: wooden horses, acrylic paints on the water basis of plum, red and gold, PWA glue, water-based lacs, napkins, whistles and athles.

As for the napkins, they're a huge number today, buying the ones that'll love more. Your horses can be in a soft pink, cage or square, as you wish! I've chosen a new year's napkin for my horses: eating branches, mandarins and red berries.

The number of napkins depends on the number and size of the horse and the motive chosen. I got one napkin on two sets, but it's because there were only four mandarin on it that I put on the horse's head from two sides. Otherwise the cost would be less.

All the items listed can be purchased in shops selling goods for sale. If you live in regions where there are no such shops, don't get upset, find them on the Internet.

I've acquired everything I need here.

Okay, let's get started.

We're going to work in decoupling technology. I think a lot of people know what it is and what they eat. For unfamiliar decoupling, it's a jewellery of objects by labelling of coloured paper, newspapers, napkins and prints.

The first thing we have to do is load our horses, so we'll cover them with a layer of cream paint. This is done to ensure that the following layers of paint fall well and smoothly on the surface. Once the horse is loaded, it is necessary. ♪ ♪

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