How To Make Hair Jewels With Your Hands

Hair jewelry by hand: master class

In the axes house shops, you can find hair jewellery for any taste: barhat rims, batons and flowers, pearls and glasses, exquisite plugs, clips, incruded stones... Every fashion show is filled with these cute little things, the final accents of the image. And we decided, why not? Present a new master class to create unique decorations for with your hands.♪ FashionTime will tell us how easy it is to create an inexorable hair accessories, and guarantees that such a savage will only steal you.

The drawing

Practically for each of the axesthemara's transformations, we're gonna need a standard plastics or wooden puncture, a jack, a hand, tapes, buttons, glue, scissors and a thread.

The kid is an irreplaceable accessory to create women's hairs for any length. Long hair can be packed in an elegant shell and fixed the hair on the back of the head with a burial. The middle length, or short, can easily be removed from the face by collecting a few buckets, stabbing the jacket and stabbing the rear with a burial. They can also be rectified with a slightly depressed hair. Anyway, the burial is a woman's handbag, and he's supposed to look like a stylish master.
Step 1. We'll take a ridge, a multi-coloured ribbon and a scissor.

Step 2. If you have a ready ribbon, put one end to the knot at the beginning of the ridge and put a ribbon around each tooth. When you get to the end, you'll fix the second end of the tape. You can steal the ridge with one tape, or by one end, attach to the founding of another ribbon and make the same way.
Step 3. Example an updated burial. You look amazing!
The Council: You can change the colour palitre of an accessory for hair easily and unintentionally. In order to create a new image, put a colour-coulded ribbon in the ridge.

Cyphonic pink

The engagement is one of the most stylish axes for hair. Elegant armor, floating flower from colorful petals, or air bat, look very feminine. First, we'll create a handcuff with a big chiffon flower. It's very easy to make this fine jewel with your hands. We're gonna need a plastic thin engagement, a shifon, a biser, a lighter, a scissors, a glue, a thread and a needle.

Step 1. We cut a lot of different diameters from the chefon. Since we use very thin tissue, the more layers the flower will be.

Step 2. We light the edges of the petals carefully.

Step 3. Put the flower from the smallest to the big one.

Step 4. We put a thread in the needle and send a basser to the heart of our flower.

Step 5. With a thread, we tie the flower to the engagement, and we use a drop of glue to fix it.

The Council: The white flower and pearls will be a beautiful and tender wedding accessory. You can use any blossom of tissue and create a wide variety of colors, such as red chiffon and black basser, mac, white petals and yellow beads, Roma.

Hand with pearls.

A booth or pearl or glass shall be used for a more calm and romantic image. To create it, we'll need a hand, a pearl or a bush, a glue gun, a socket of a fetrate.

Step 1. If you have artificial pearl beads, you'll take them to the thread. I'll put the thread on the spiral.

Step 2. Cut out of the fettre three mugs. They can be of the same size and size.

Украшение для волос - Обруч с жемчугом Step 3. With the glue, put the pearls on the tissue.

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