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Объемный котикBoxes and comics from the bisera are one of the nicest and funny things that can be beautiful gifts, multifunctional accessories (style suspension on gadget or bag, etc.) and just wonderful toys for the child.

How can cats go?

There's a lot of cats-- some very light ones that come for starters, others are a little more complicated, but they can be developed gradually if they want. There are different craftsmen who describe some sort of biserpent technique. But you can change their taste, fantasize and add new details, because there is no limit to creativity. The more diverse the kits are, the more interesting.

The most popular are:

  • Arrangement of round-trip;
  • Equipment parallel lash;
  • Monastery Flying or Crustic Technician.

Before you play the toy, think about her future image.котенок Гав-2 How do you see your cat? There's also a lot of options: maybe it's gonna be a nice kitten Gav or a funny cat from the Schreck Multy, or a cute little Kitty Mouse, etc.

Монастырское плетение-2Manufacturing Cotic Master Class

To get an enchanted kitten from the biser, you'll need to prepare something:

  • Two balls (possible to take small balls or to model a papier-mache) for head and torso;
  • Acrylic paint (biser colour);
  • Forest and wire;
  • Scissors and glue;
  • Biser of different colours and larger beads (for example, two green beads, three pinks for noses, and three red for robots).

If you want a black-and-white swab, paint a balloon in gray or black, drawing a little white cup (this is a belly). The flight can start after the paint drys.

котенок Гав Монастырское плетение

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