Beiser And Bead Of The Scheme

Hello, my dear masters, this is the end of the Marine Star class,
And I'm in a hurry to welcome you to something new.

But first of all, Thank you. for interest in the last lesson of the Sea Star.

I'm happy he was interesting to you. With your support, the project will grow and develop further. We'll move directly to today's theme.
It's not just a new mc waiting for you, but a whole new shirt called
"Encourage for the evening."
In this shirt, there'll be small, but pretty things don't have to be mine, copy design, and often the ones that appear in our WContact group and you like.
I also want the main criterion of new products to be simple material, that is, that that is easy to find or you already have. This shirt is needed to fill the distances between the lessons learned and make the blog and the channel more diverse and interesting to you. Well, of course, my IC's not going anywhere, but it's going to end at the same interval. I'm telling you in the video. But if in two words, it means that lessons are going to come out more often. And so you can understand the format of the new shirt, I've prepared a first lesson.

Master Class - Braslet Fianca.

These are beautiful and non-exhaustive bracelets of the Fianca, which float two needles into the cross.

I'm sure most of my tempted craftsmanships will seem simple, but the newcomers will definitely be happy, because the material can be obtained in practically every handmaker shop, and it's just and interesting, and we'll be able to get involved in our creative " sickness " ;

I've got you pictures of two decorations.

As I said in the bracelet, we're gonna use the 2-inch machine and apply different material. As a result, you can learn different kinds of bracelet.

List of material to master class - Braslet Fianca.

In order to create our bracelet, we'll need such material:

1. Beads perlamutumous 2mm:

  • Dark siren is 180.
  • The light of the siren is 36.
  • Pink - 18.
  • Whites are 12.
2. Biser is transparent (inside) Czech. - 2 G.3. Mononite and 2 needles

All the details as usual in the video.

If you like the idea to support the liquor and write what you think in the commentary, and offer your IC ideas for a sample.

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