Beager And Stones

Abbreviations rinabead

Site with my work on my work and my life.
My name is Rina. I'm a painter from a biser and stones. I'm doing this professionally, not just like a hobby and a manuscript.
Each decoration is thought to be small, from the sketch, the collection of materials (which sometimes takes a very large amount of time) to execution.

My professionalism has been confirmed by participation and victory in various exhibitions and competitions, and by appropriate diplomas:

New Wave 2009 Biser Diesin;
Biser Festival 2009;
Honorary Diploma for Love to Biser.
Magic Lartz 2009,
"Festival 2010
Diplôme d ' BDE-2010-Same active participant.
"Fayerk Bisera" as part of "Symphony of Self-Source."
"Farbs of the Soul" 2010 (Minsk)
A week of arts in St. Petersburg.
1 place in Kiev's Laundry, 2010 Exhibition, Fairy beads@
Honorary diploma for excellence and creative design
International Association of Designers
I'm twice a larvae of GRAN.
I am also Ambassador Swarowski in Russia, which gives me the right to teach authoritative seminars on the construction of jewellery using elements of Swarowski.

In my work, I only use quality materials that are in themselves valuable. For example, I use a wide gamma of rocks and even precious, such as emeralds, rubies, ametists, sapphires. Biser in my work is also very good, from the world ' s leading producers, and even with the golden coating of 24K. I often draw my own schematic form of stone and give it to the rocks evelier.
There are many followers of my creation. But by buying my jewelry, you can be sure that this job is exclusive and truly authoritative.

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