Beaser And Wood

Biser air bracelet

Для работы нам понадобитсяTurns out the hook can be tied not only by clothes, but also by the skirt. No special skills will be required. You just need to be able to tie a normal chain with a hook. This bracelet can be completely different, it can be thin or voluminous, free or tight, multi-coloured or one-ton. This IC shows the idea itself, and knowing the technology, you can try and experiment.

We'll need to work:
- Biser of a few shades,
- Stresses, pearls,
- The forest,
- a hook,
- linear,
- The card,
- scissors,
- The pen,
- bites,
- round lips,
- Busin cushions,
- a lock,
- Two cones.

Let's do it.
By my calculations, I need to recruit Bisser on the forest. 3 meters long. I'm a white, cream and golden basserin. It's chaotic to put white and golden strats between them. We don't cut the forest!

Леску не обрезаемNext, the most interesting process you're going to have is creativity. We're starting to tie a bracelet with a hook. This leather leather leather is different from the strings of threads just because, in every hinge, you add the brazen, the ones we just put on the thread. I'm putting a hook number three. If you want a bigger bracelet, you can take a bigger hook. I'm adding beads to every loop of chains. You can make a bracelet, very airy, and tie like, two air roosters empty, and a third basser. You can add both one biserina and a few in one chain. Well, experiment! Like I said, I'm hanging out on one biserin in every chain hinge. Don't pull your fingers.

Петельки не затягивайтеWe'll be in touch until we've finished pre-recruited basserines and passions. At this stage, the thread can be fixed and cut. Now we need to form a bracelet from this long chain. That's why we take the cardboard and draw the transhipment. The upper (short) side will be equal to the diameter of your hand minus 1 cm on the castle (and in my case another minus 1, 5 cm on pearls). The bottom (long side) will depend on the volume of your bracelet. The larger the volume, the more the tube should be wider. Put something soft under the map, it'll be more comfortable.

On the side of the trajectory, the amount of needles shall be the same on both sides. I have 20 needles on every side.

Well, now it's the most tiny job. The bracelet on the needles must be equitably and without tension.

картон подложите количество иголок равномерно и без натяжек связанную с бисером леску

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