Beager Transactions

Biser deals for a lower novel order

The sea mini penny in the frame. For an order, to write a personal message.

Sweet ladies! Good day! I offer your attention to the decoration from the biser and I invite you to my group (Nigny Novgorod)

Abbreviations and not only

Hello! I'm trying to find an optical sale in Lower Novgorod, but the Internet doesn't want to help me! I found two bases with a biser, now I'm buying it, but the shirt isn't sold! I really want her! Maybe someone knows where she's being sold, so there's a 150-brub for 450 grams of China! I'll be very grateful and grateful for the information! Thank you!

I'm doing a tulip from a biser to order.

Hey, guys! There's been a very useful group with video lessons and handicrafts, toys, dolls, paintings, etc. The group is new, but it will be very useful information for your creation. Class Masters will be added almost every day: A box under the photo. Add. Happy to all those who wish to learn or to open something new;)

The basser!
A great gift for your loved ones and a wonderful addition to your house!
Come on, come on.

The year of the wooden Ovina is on the threshold.
Unlike Horse's intellectual and cunning,
The sheep is more naive, confident, but more stubborn.
Green Koza is a creature of careless, happy and variable.
The Year of the Ovines will be inspired by all zodiac signs,
But those who will not resign will be the most successful, but will continue to pursue their goals.

Rose from the bisera: master-class ию Master class on hand

The group's wall is empty.

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