Bisser Bracelets

Flower and wire.
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An interesting element of the biser and wire that can easily be transformed into both a stunning and a voluminous earring. You can even make that flower part of the bracelet if you want to swap an original summer jewelry kit.

You'll need a job:

A wire (which holds the shape well;
Two different diameter sticks (possible to use ordinary pencils);
Tone of thin wire for battools;
Bisser of any colour;

Let's start by forming wires that keep her shape well. Starting with two circles, one with a smaller diameter, another with a larger length. You'll need pencils or sticks of different thickness. At the same time, we'll have a bigger circle in the ready-made to serve as a player and a smaller heart.
We're all gonna need six sets. When they are ready, we can collect the basis. To that end, we put petals on each other as shown in the photo, and we link them together with another wire, forming a tactical turn.

It is further necessary to fill the bicelliance. To this end, the wire is plunged into several turns, and we call it four bicers (the number of them depends on the diameter of your ready-to-bees, the biserinas must completely close the empty space).
Let's gradually fill our basser petals by adding the necessary number of bisserines to each row.

When the petals are ready and fully filled with the biceps, you can put on a chain hinge on the flower or a schvenza is an unusual and very beautiful flower. What's important is that it can be made of any color, so that it's harmonized with the chosen outfit or A summer dress.that you're planning on putting on an important event or a friendly party.

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