Biser Bracelet

Steel bracelet

схема бисерного жгута на 8 бисерин с анималистичным принтомIn mortgages

Have a good day!

This IC is dedicated to the creation of a three-dimensional " predatory " bracelet.

Materials required:

Bag 0, 75
Black-coloured YarnArt Tulip
Biserpillating needles (for a ligamentary beaser)
Bicer Czech No. 10 Black Glass
Bisser Czech No. 10, Gonok
6 grand golden pins
Connection rings 6 grand
Slider slider in three loops (or a three-pillar switch)
Circle, slices, scissors

Let's start!

Initially, you need to determine the length of your bracelet. YarnArt Tulip niggers are getting pretty tight, they're very good at the shape that's the same for the bracelets. But consider that it won't be so hard on your hand, because it's got to be longer than softer. Okay, on the wrist 15-15, 5 cm will fit the bracelet for 20 cm.

Then we take the rust-deco-connected fountain cap and get the required length of the burns, I have 16, 5 cm.

трехрядный стильный браслет из вязаных жгутов с анималистичным принтомNow we have to calculate the length of the set. The bracelet consists of three jugs with animistic stain on the black background, such a beast gradient. That's why you've got three short, medium and long-range rapport schemes.

Length of the shortest rapport in an obscured form (semistolic on YarnArt Tulip!) 53 mm.
Medium length is 73 mm.
The longest is 93mm.

First, we're gonna need to get a beaver on the black part of the bracelet, then we're on the chart. How do you calculate the number of black beaver for recruitment?

Example of the first scheme

Remove from the desired length of the string:

16, 5 cm-5, 3 cm=11, 2 cm

I mean, we need to tie the black part of the length. 11, 2 cm♪ In order to calculate how to recruit a biser to obtain this length of the jacket, we multiply the necessary length of the cooked jacket by the number of biserines in the circle:

11, 2 cm*8=89, 6 cm

All right, we'll start with 89, 6 cm of black biser, then 1 practicer on the first.

Similar to the other two.

Make sure the burns are first! All three burners must be strictly one length.

When the burners are ready, we'll collect the bracelet.

Good luck to you and good creativity!

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