Biser Parallel

Biser parallel flower

Side-washing machines It's the most popular in the performance of the bassery.

We'll take a wire, we'll hire the 1st and 2nd row bisserieties on it, in a 3-bice.
Then, as the biserines will be nanianas on the wire, we'll take one end of the wire, and we'll pass it through two basserines to another. During the flight, the ends of the wire must be sent to each other. After we missed the basserinas, we take the wires on both sides and we delay. The ends of the wire shall be approximately the same long.

Half of the time we've pulled, we take one end of the wire, and we'll give him four bisserieties. We're also missing the other end of the wire, through these four basserinas, and we're gonna pull it off.

We'll continue on a similar pattern as many ranks as you need. When the booth is completed, the ends of the wire are tightly squeezed, it is done to ensure that the product does not fall apart.

In parallel technology Biser You can whip different leaflets.

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