Biser Bracelets

Biser bracelets.

People have stolen themselves from the very beginning of civilization. Slices of bones, shells, stones, tree crusts, flowers and a lot of other things were walking. The original decorations were ritual, used as utensils or to attract good luck. Also in ancient times, they were used as markers of different social stairwells - by decoration, they were defined by the chief or ordinary warrior, king or simple hunter. The wealth of jewelry has also served as signs of distinction. People of different professions were wearing certain kinds of jewelry.

Known Egyptians were wearing rich, stolen bracelets, earrings in both ears, slaves wearing one earring in ancient Rome. On Rusie, the girls were given bushes and a pair of earrings at the age of 6 to 8, and boys were given one earring.
Coco Chanel's famous first introduced a bijutheria model, and if the jewelry was made from precious metals and stones before it, the popularity now became artificial pearls. And if the necklace, a couple of earrings or a diadema remain exclusively feminine jewels, then the bracelet may wear anyone who wishes.

To be the owner of a beautiful and original bracelet, it is absolutely not necessary to go to the jewelry store. It can be created. with your hands.e.g. a beaver spray. These little pieces of glass of a variety of colors and shades can be transparent and matt, can have a bladder, a coke eye effect or a metal. Hands down the basser on a normal thread, a staircase or a thin neural thread that stretches. The richness of the flowers and the facture of the bisera creates very different, different bracelets.

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