Biser Of The Scheme


Hello, everyone! And again, I'm giving you a little sketch kit. Unfortunately, the next time we can't take pictures of the sketches, the soap broke. I tried to do it, but it's unsuccessful. Now we need to buy a new camera. So the sketches won't be until two weeks. But in the meantime, that's what it is. Please.
There's an octopus here. I don't know if he'll fit or not. I painted a trail, but I thought I'd quit anyway.
By the way, don't pay attention to the colours, just the drawings look a little unclear and a little rough. I've got to rethink the comp, so I'm adding color to look nice.
By the way, the last two hematite sketches (the truth is they don't look like hematites in the drawing, Apologise) for the DEny. They asked for a romance, but it didn't work out a little bit, though the lambs weren't bad, they liked it.

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